Gamification in MOOC: New Challenges for the Motivation and Learning in Engineering Education.

Cita: Martínez-Núñez, M., Fidalgo-Blanco, Á., & Borrás-Gené, O. (2015). New challenges for the motivation and learning in engineering education using gamification in MOOC. International Journal of Engineering Education Vol. 32, No. 1(B), pp. 501–512, 2016.


New Challenges for the Motivation and Learning in Engineering Education Using Gamification in MOOC.


The phenomenon of MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses) is increasingly experienced and is giving rise to new scenarios and challenges with several features that are different from previous approaches to online education.

In the field of engineering education, Information and Communication Technologies are making continuous innovation in methods of teaching and learning for students. Engineering Education institutions, like the Technical University of Madrid (Spain), are expanding their online offerings and making a more effective use of technologies for learning.

This research presents a gamification cooperative MOOC model (gcMOOC) that can be applied in the design of this type of course. Using an explanatory sequential mixed methods design, which integrates the quantitative and qualitative methods, the study investigates the factors that influence motivation, collaboration and learning in gcMOOC.

This work also suggests a set of practical recommendations and tools to improve the motivation, learning level and completion rate of participants in MOOC course in Engineering Educational when the gcMOOC model is implemented. The results of this study state that the incorporation of virtual communities and gamification methodologies increase participant learning motivation in engineering MOOC courses.

Additionally, these gamification tools aid students to deepen their learning and involve them in the course increasing their motivation and the completion rates in MOOCs.


Ángel Fidalgo-Blanco ( Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España

Margarita Martínez-Núñez ( Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España

Oriol Borrás Gene ( King Juan Carlos University, España

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