Micro Flip Teaching with Collective Intelligence.

Cita: Fidalgo-Blanco, Á., Sein-Echaluce, M. L., & García-Peñalvo, F. J. (2018, July). Micro flip teaching with collective intelligence. In International Conference on Learning and Collaboration Technologies (pp. 400-415). Springer, Cham.


Micro Flip Teaching with Collective Intelligence


One of the main objectives within the educational context is that the students must be active during the learning process, and one of the indicators of this activity is the production of content by the students themselves. There are methods such as Micro Flip Teaching that promote active learning.

However, achieving that the students generate content is not enough; these contents should also be used in the learning process itself and, for this, they should be managed appropriately.

This article presents a method of management of the resources generated by the students and the professors as well, through the use of collective intelligence.

A model of collective intelligence was developed, based on four pillars: the utility of the created contents, technology, methodology and the strategy of use.

This work shows that the main factor needed so that the students generate knowledge was the strategy of use.


Ángel Fidalgo-Blanco (angel.fidalgo@upm.es) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España

Francisco José García-Peñalvo (fgarcia@usal.es) Universidad de  Salamanca, España

María Luisa Sein-Echaluce (mlsein@unizar.es) Universidad de Zaragoza, España

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