Comunidades de Aprendizaje en Redes Sociales y su Relación con los MOOC.

Cita: Cruz-Benito, J., Borrás-Gené, O., García-Peñalvo, F. J., Blanco, Á. F., & Therón, R. (2016). Comunidades de Aprendizaje en Redes Sociales y su Relación con los MOOC. VAEP RITA4(2), 87-99.

Resumen del artículo: «Comunidades de Aprendizaje en Redes Sociales y su Relación con los MOOC».


This article discusses how MOOC users learn and participate in cooperative environments that promote learning communities within external hypermedia environments such as the social networks. In order to develop this study, researchers analyzed the interaction of users enrolled in a course developed under the iMOOC platform, which is based on concepts like connectivism, collaborative learning, gamification, or adaptivity, among others.

Specifically, this study deals with obtaining information about the conversations that take place in external learning communities within social networks like Google+ and Twitter in parallel with the iMOOC platform itself.

Through this information is possible to establish the learning types that experience users (non-formal and informal learning usually) and providing an estimation of how users interact with content tagged in social network, and how they use these tagging facilities to continue or create new conversations that allow them to expand or strengthen their learning process developed in the MOOC.

To complete the knowledge extracted from these tags and to understand how users interact with this way of metadata declaration, the study is complemented by a questionnaire that collected how users utilize and understand of these tags based on the main usages and the age of the users of the MOOC.


Ángel Fidalgo-Blanco ( Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España

Juan Cruz-Benito ( IBM Research, España

Oriol Borrás Gené ( King Juan Carlos University, España

Francisco José García-Peñalvo ( Universidad de Salamanca, España

Roberto Therón ( Universidad de Salamanca, España

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